Retail expert Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick
Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick - Retail and Marketing expert



I have had a successful career in the UK retail sector, working in marketing management. Early in the 1990’s I started to realise the Internet was going to change the shape of retailing and my fascination in the new technology led me to do a PhD at Loughborough University.


My knowledge of retailing proved useful when deciding what to study for my PhD. I realised that some retailers were starting to build interesting web sites and others had not even registered a domain name. This was really interesting so I used my contacts in the sector to get access to the right people, who had real insight into how things were developing.

Getting into the area of online retailing early on, enabled me to develop a unique insight into why some retailers were forging ahead and setting shop online and others were doing nothing. I completed my PhD in 2000, and took up an academic post in Retail Marketing and management at Loughborough University. In 2009, I moved to the Open University Business School. Since 1998, my contribution to literature is in the area of strategic application of internet technologies by retailers.


My key subject areas for teaching are Marketing and Retailing. I worked for nearly 10 years on the Retail Management programme at Loughborough University Business school before recently moving to the Open University Business School where I am leading a team developing a new course in Retail Management and Marketing. Teaching at the Open University is very different to working at a campus-based university. A key part of my new job is developing distance learning materials rather than delivering lectures. Working at the Open University gives me the opportunity to use my business and academic expertise to develop highly interactive course materials.


I’ve done some amazing things since joining the OU, including working on OU/ BBC productions Virtual Revolution and Theo’s Adventure Capitalists. The Open University Business School really is open to people, places, methods and ideas and really is an inspirational place to work.


PhD, Loughborough University, Business School(2000) An Empirical Study of Internet Adoption among Leading United Kingdom Retailers

Postgraduate Certificate in Continuing Education,

University of Nottingham (2000) Diploma in Systems Practice,

Open University (1994) BSc (Hons) Degree,

Open University – (1994)