Retail expert Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick
Dr Fiona Ellis-Chadwick - Retail and Marketing expert


My PhD looks at the commercialisation of the Internet. I started focusing on the retail potential of online markets early in the 1990’s and rapidly got interested in the commercial development. 

My research led me to interview twenty leading high street retailers in the UK, to survey managers and review the web pages of over a 1000 more retailers. In 1995, the picture of the online high street was very different from from the picture it is today.

I discovered factors, which were enabling retailers like Tesco and Dixons to develop e-commerce enabled web sites and identified barriers, which were holding back other retailers. 

My PhD was just the beginning, since then I have mapped the development of the online high street in the UK, studied e-commerce strategies, and identified some key success factors for e-marketing campaigns. 

Going forward, I am working on PhD projects looking at e-service quality and relationships between retailers and web service providers. 

I am keen to supervise new areas of research in online retailing and e-marketing. If you have a project you want to study get in touch via Open University Business School Pages or via the contact us pages. 

My Thesis, published by VDM is titled: Internet Adoption in the UK: An Empirical Study of Internet Adoption by leading UK retailers. ISBN 978-3-639-19946-8

Research Supervision: 
I really enjoy working on PhD projects, developing new knowledge in the area of e-retailing and e-marketing is my passion. Suggest a proposal and I can offer expertise, support and the motivation required to get you through to the viva and beyond.

My current PhD projects are in the area of:

  • e-service quality
  • factors affecting Internet adoption in e-retailing
  • Internet strategy and performance measurement
  • Web industry business relationships

Are you interested in exploring aspects of Internet retailing, e-marketing and digital commerce. Send me an email with an outline of your project.

Current Research Projects:
As well as working on PhD’s I am working on projects in these areas: 

  • Investigation into the adoption of Interactive television as a shopping channel.
  • Adoption of online community shopping portals in Europe.
  • E-marketing strategy and tactics.

PhD student testimonials:
Successful PhD research from Northern Ireland says ……………….

 “Over the course of my PhD, which was undertaken through distance learning, Fiona was extremely supportive, and provided guidance in the structuring of the document and the presentation of information in an academic style. In the months leading up to submission, she was an excellent 'sounding board' and over the course of my studies she
provided encouragement and support to complete a quality thesis".